Devotional – 46 ‘The youth meet in Valentines Barn’

Chapter – 46 ‘The Youth meet in Valentines Barn’


Pastor Valentine had just finished talking to the youth. He also prayed for a safe and fun outing as they prepared to get on the two buses; the guys would ride in the first bus and the girls would go on the second bus. The pastor told them to remember that they would be visitors; to treat the facilities at the farm like their parents own property.

Once the students arrived and were in the barn Caleb introduced the four couples who had volunteered to chaperon. There were seventy students, including guest with about half of them from the church’s own youth group. The first thing that happened was the guest were introduced. Caleb gave a fifteen minute short devotional on self-control. He wanted them to be aware that the outing was for the older youth; ninth to twelve grade boys and girls; so to act grown-up and treat others with respect; it was the message he hoped to present.

There were three games to get started; then there was a bible drill in which one of the visiting senior girls won; this was a surprise to Rebekah since the teen was not attending the local high school; she was being home schooled. About half way through the evening four of the older boys left the barn and climbed onto the largest of tractors. Before any of the chaperones knew it the boys had started the tractor and tried to drive it. The driver backed into a wooden fence causing the post to break; then the boy tried to turn the tractor and ran into a plow which bent the frame. Valentine, out of nowhere, stepped up on to the hitch and reached his hand to the key and turned the tractor off. He told the boys to get down and go see the Youth Pastor. Caleb was just arriving as Valentine finished speaking.

Caleb was hot, almost ready to singe, as he told the four boys to go to the boy’s bus; he wanted to talk to them after he calmed down. One of the seniors in the youth group was the one who had started the tractor. Of all who might have been the culprit, John’s parents were leaders in the forty’s to Fifties class. No doubt they would be upset with their son. Caleb was thinking, “What do you say to a group of immature kids who wreck property of the person sponsoring the event? How do you keep a cool head and think to yourself; what would Jesus do or say?”


The next morning Pastor Valentine, Caleb, and John’s parents were at the farm taking a few pictures and calmly discussing the consequence that should take place.


Rebekah was just getting off the phone; the girl who had won the bible drill was Ella and the family were reasonably new in town. From her conversation; Rebekah learned that the mom was a single parent and a wealthy daughter of a Congressman working in Washington.


A day later Rebekah was on the phone talking with Ella’s mom; she was invited to come for lunch and meet the family. Ella had two younger sisters; all teenagers and from the visit each of them were well behaved. Jana was the mothers name and it appeared that she would soon become the President at PENN state extension in Fayette; not far from Uniontown. Jana had lost her husband five years earlier; he had been a decorated military officer but died in battle.

Jana had previously attained her LAW degree from PENN State and spent a year as a professor. Once she had her first child, Ella, she became the manager of her household; now it was time for her to get a job and quit living off of daddy’s generosity. The fact is; daddy was the one who pulled the strings for Jana getting this new job.



Who among us has ever liked discipline?


Proverbs 23:13-14,                      Do not hold back discipline from the child, although you strike him with the rod, he will not die.  You shall strike him with the rod and rescue him from Sheol.

[The child will survive the punishment and thus learn a lesson; people who never learn wrong from right will end up in the place of torment, that is, if they fail to repent. How hard is that to understand?]

Hebrews 12:11,                 ALL discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness. [After reading verses 7-10 this sentence is the summary of why we as sons need the discipline necessary for a successful life; both today & eternally]



For several years it appears that Jana was a Proverbs 31 mother; then her husband dies and as a widow in mourning, her wealthy parent supported her.

Are there Godly instructions for a young widow to follow?


1 Tim 5:14-15.       Scripture suggest younger widows get married, have children, keep house, and give the enemy no occasion for reproach. [Gods design is that women take care of the home & children. On the other hand, secular or worldly thoughts would be to secure a job; to bring in more money so they can purchase more worldly possessions or nicer vacations than could not be had on one person’s wage. Which of these is the American way?]

What does reproach bring to mind? [Maybe a seemingly good widow woman with sweet children becomes desperate for money to live on. Desperation often leads to poor choices and would allow the temptations of Satan to lead to the woman sinning.]

Who should support the widow? [Her family is first on the list, not the church or welfare.]