Devotionals Collection

Devotional 0
Introduction / Prelude

Devotional 1
The Converted Rabbi

Devotional 2
The Chaplin Speaks to the Soldiers

Devotional 3
One Soldier Trust’s

Devotional 4
The Chaplin teaches on Salvation

Devotional 5
Who Has the Gift

Devotional 6
The Battle Rages for the Soldiers

Devotional 7
The Chaplin Meets Valentine

Devotional 8
Letters for the Soldiers

Devotional 9
The Chaplin Receives New Orders

Devotional 10
Yosef Makes a Discovery

Devotional 11
The Rabbi’s Sister

Devotional 12
The Rabbi’s Sister 2

Devotional 13
The Rabbi’s Sister Walks With Valentine

Devotional 14
The Rabbi’s Sister Watches a Gypsy Wedding

Devotional 15
Rebecca Visits a Site

Devotional 16
Valentine Receives a Letter

Devotional 17
Does the Rabbi’s sister becomes a Bride

Devotional 18
The Sargent goes Home

Devotional 19
The Seargent’s Farm

Devotional 20
Planning a trip out East

Devotional 21
The Rabbi visits Valentines Farm

Devotional 22
Yosef leads the Youth Rally

Devotional 23
What is Love

Devotional 24
An Answered Prayer

Devotional 25
The Sergeant’s visit to Brooklyn

Devotional 26
An afternoon in Brooklyn

Devotional 27
Reuben visits Brooklyn

Devotional 28
Back at the Sargent’s farm

Devotional 29
Yosef returns to Israel

Devotional 30
Rebekah talks with Reuben

Devotional 31
Yosef becomes a Chaplin in Israel

Devotional 32
Rebekah teaches a Lesson

Devotional 33
Yosef teaches about Atonement

Devotional 34
At Valentines Farm

Devotional 35
Yosef a Chaplin in Israel

Devotional 36
Reuben back at work

Devotional 37
Rebekah listens to Grandpa

Devotional 38
Rebekah teaches her Testimony

Devotional 39
The Youth Pastor is Questioned

Devotional 40
Mar’yam Shuster moves to Brooklyn

Devotional 41
Who is God asked Yosef

Devotional 42
Pastor Caleb Preaches

Devotional 43
Valentine visits a friend

Devotional 44
Reuben makes a choice

Devotional 45
Mar’yam meets Rex

Devotional 46
The youth meet in Valentines Barn

Devotional 47
Yosef teaches a lesson Fruit

Devotional 48
Rebekah discovers a new friend

Devotional 49
Reuben flips a Coin

Devotional 50
Yosef teaches on the obsolete

Devotional 51
The Unexpected Happens

Devotional 52
The Funeral