Devotional – 52 ‘The Funeral’

Chapter – 52 ‘The Funeral’


Midweek service had completed and Valentine was driving toward the farm; Rebekah’s phone broke the silence of the moment. She answered and it was Grandpa Jesse; they talked a few minutes and then he commented, “What do you think of Reuben getting married?” She told her grandpa she was excited; it had been three months since it took place and they still had not visited together in person.

Just prior to hanging up grandpa told her that his Will had been revised the previous week, “My lawyer has the newest revision; no one else knows but I just thought someone should know and that was when I thought that I hadn’t talked with you for a few weeks.”


The next afternoon Rebekah received a call from her dad, “Jesse had died in his sleep. There was a smile on his face when the housekeeper found him a few hours earlier.” He told her that he was contacting all the relatives; the funeral will try to be scheduled for Monday. They talked a few more minutes and then he commented, “We will have the WILL read Monday evening after the funeral so Yosef can be here before he has to fly back to Israel.” He told her that his brother and grandpa had burned bridges when you and Yosef were forgiven for leaving the Jewish traditions. “They spoke on occasions but grandpa and he never truly reconciled.”


Just prior to the start of the funeral, the lawyer arrived with his briefcase at his side. He took a legal sized envelope out and handed it to the oldest son. The note read, “My wish is that each of my living relatives tell one humorous story concerning me and when each are finished; recess until later when the Will is read.” It was signed, ‘Jesse’.

When Daniel, Rebekah’s uncle spoke, it was heartwarming, “You were the best man I’ve ever known, Pops. Of all people, you probably had life figured out the way a good man should.” That was it; nothing funny at all; just what he had on his heart at the moment.

Just the family and Jesse’s lawyer met at the back room of the hotel lobby where a few were staying as guest for the evening. The lawyer was in no hurry; he had known the family for years and liked listening to the conversation.

It was time for him to take over for a few moments so he walked to a vacant table and pulled his briefcase up on the table. He commented, “Jesse made a revision a week ago; did anyone know about it?” No one spoke so Rebekah finally commented, “Grandpa called me last Wednesday evening and we talked for a while. He told me there was a revision.” The lawyer said he was glad Jesse had told someone so when he read the Will it won’t be a big surprise. First thing is he wrote a short note: The Jewish tradition would be for me to have a ten page note saying wonderful things about life. My life was wonderful; my family was and is wonderful. My sons are rich Jews; I’m proud of the way you invested financially and so don’t be surprised when the ‘Will’ is read. I only have three grandchildren who I am extremely proud of. May the son always shine on you with a blessing? The lawyer paused a moment and told them the word SON was spelled as s-o-n not sun; that Messiah was the son who had walked in Israel, in the flesh, for a few years.

Rebekah’s uncle let out a breath of air that he had been holding. He thought, “Even in his death, Pops is trying to convict me to choose Jesus; maybe someday.”


The lawyer read the Will; it was not real long and everything listed went to the three grandchildren. He had made five copies of the ‘Will’ and passed them out. Think about it; when God made HIS covenants, they were to his family. Then 2000 years ago Jesus became the NEW covenant; Jesse’s ‘WILL’ was his covenant with his family; as Hebrews 9:16-17 points out; there is a necessity for death to occur before it is valid. The WILL or Covenant is not valid while one is living.

One last thing Jesse wrote was a conclusion, just one sentence, “Some are called to be a light in the darkness! Much of the world lives in darkness so let your light shine.”


  1. Are you a light?
  2. Does your light shine?


John 5:24.    Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him [Father God] who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life. [The last heart beat on earth takes the Christian to their first glimpse of heaven…..Just like the one ‘thief on the Cross’; grandpa is in Paradise with Jesus. Yes, those family members who are left behind have sorrow because a loved one will be missed.]


A phrase I read several years ago on a plaque, as I was going to pick up food, on my way home from work. It was, “Only one life will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.” I have thought of that phrase often; then I ask myself; what have I done, Dale, does it count?


The End




The fictional story was a tool to bring some of the truths of scripture to life. If you were to put 10 theologians in a room and ask for a 10 point mission statement by the end of the day you might get something. Maybe not total agreement. Then if you asked 100 theologians to get the same thing; you would have a challenge getting it finished; you might have 20 points with only a couple budging off center.

We all have things we think are right, so-to-speak, so scripture in context is the best way to determine the closest factor to determine its truths. One of the difficult things for me, is, that once a person puts their TRUST in Christ as Lord & Savior, is this; ‘IF’ the Holy Spirit is supposed to be your guide, why don’t ALL theologians think alike?

For most of us, it is a good reason to take the scriptures as literal as you can; that is why when Hebrews 8:13 reads that the OLD Covenant is obsolete; I can take it to the bank as a truth from God. It does not mean that God didn’t have a plan for the ‘Sons of Israel’ to live by as they left Egypt and settled in the land of milk and honey; that was the plan, then. Jeremiah 31 tells those Hebrew people that God is going to make a change; right?

The gospel presented by Jesus is the PLAN now, the old is great history and a great lesson for those of us who live today. Some of the failures back then are good reminders for all of us. But the ways have changed! Matthew 5, 6, and 7 was taught by Christ; Acts 15 was given by the church leaders to Paul as a guide to take to the gentiles. So why make it hard, brethren?

I love church pastors, bless them, but too many of them have opinions and when they are not careful; sound just like the legalistic Pharisees who taught the OLD ways.

The key for all of us individuals is; “to draw near to God; so HE will draw near to us.” Study the Word; don’t just skim through it to complete reading Genesis thru Revelation in a year. This fictional story is the same; there is scripture tied to each chapter so read it slowly, study it, and let it sink into your mind. Remember, we are all different but in the same family; that is, if we have TRUSTED in Christ as our atonement for sin.