Devotional – 49 ‘Reuben flips a Coin’

Chapter – 49 ‘Ruben flips the Coin’


Tomorrow the lab was closing its doors on the scientific project. The group would meet for a dinner and then move on to some new adventure in their journey known as life.

As the group was eating at their favorite café and joking about some of the funny experiences, Joe mentioned that his wife had asked him to find a professorship; she wanted him home more and work less hours. Next, Jenny’s two lady coworkers mentioned they had secured new projects in California. They would leave in three days. Only Reuben and Jenny did not comment about future work; they were both waiting on the other to make an actual commitment that would keep them close enough to continue to grow their friendship.

Forty-five minutes after the meal was finished all but Reuben and Jen had cleared out. Reuben had been seated directly across from her all evening and looked her in the eyes before speaking, “I want to marry you one of these days; maybe not tomorrow but soon.” Jen’s mouth dropped open about half an inch and her eyes penetrated his. He nodded slightly and then spoke again, “I don’t want to lose you over a job location for sure; tell me what we need to do?” She slowly breathed in some oxygen to steady her nerves.

“That comment was unexpected Rub’ah but I like the idea. What are you thinking; a big wedding or flying to Vegas?” He smiled and reached his right hand across the table at her; she took it and rolled her fingers over the tips of his fingers, “I’m ready to have you as my husband anytime.” She laughed and then made another comment, “No job and no apartment; what would our parents think?” Reuben laughed and then he commented, “Maybe we could just take a month long honeymoon and worry about a job or a place to live later.” He pulled a quarter out of his pocket and spoke, “If it’s HEADS we live a month on love and vitamin pills; otherwise we make the announcement and wait six months using a wedding planner.”

She turned her palm up and indicated she wanted the coin. When he handed it to her he nodded a yes; she thought a moment and said, “You do it! I want to be a wife who lets my husband make the important decisions.” He flipped the coin about a foot high; it bounced a couple times on the table before it came to a stop. Neither looked at the coin but they were eyeing each other. Both smiled and then looked down.


There was an explosion down the street, not more than fifty yards away. The front window of the café cracked from the bottom all the way to the top. Nothing shattered but the people by the window jumped away and several screams could be heard.


Jen put her hand over the coin and commented, “What do you think; pack a couple of bags and donate the rest to charity. We can get plane tickets tomorrow afternoon.” Before they could walk to the door several sirens were blowing. He reached over and took her hand and squeezed it three times.

An hour later she was helping him pick the clothes he would take; the rest were loaded into a large garbage bag. She did the same with her wardrobe and then Jen used her computer to secure two plane tickets for Nevada. It was a noon flight.

As they were in flight Jen told him that upon her marriage she would get a monthly check from her grandmother’s estate. She told him that her mom was the only living child and she was the only grandchild. Then she commented, “When we have children the estate will cover them as well once they marry. My grandmother took special interest in me five years ago. It was before she died.” Ruben told her that he would have liked to have known her.

They rented a suite for a week right on the ‘strip’ where the lights were bright. They dressed casual but nice and took a walk on the main ‘drag’ and talked with a few of the locals. Jen inquired about a good chapel where they could walk in and get married. After walking in the general direction Reuben stopped; then turned facing her. “Jen, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with you; will you marry me this evening?” She nodded and then spoke, “Yes I will if you promise to always be faithful to me. We may not always agree on some issues but being a faithful husband is something I need.” He told her she could count on it.

She took a step forward and stood on her tip toes; then whispered into his ear, “Will you consider becoming a Christian?” He responded immediately, “Yes I will.”

Two hours later they were walking out of a Las Vegas chapel as husband and wife.


Attached reference


Matthew 13:4,    Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge. [Jen only has one question for Reuben. Trials of life come to all of us. How do we respond?]